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Hello, I’m Dennis Ball, owner of Ball PC.  With all the drama in our day-to-day lives, I like to think of Ball PC as the home of Common Sense Computing. Specializing in personal service, I have developed a strong reputation for reliable, consistent, high-quality work, that is founded on the principal of customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

Ball PCSince 1989, I have worked hard to delivered affordable, quality IT service and solutions to a broad range of small to medium size organizations and private residences in the Springfield Ohio area. I value my customers and look at my organization as an extension of theirs.

If you would like to take the drama out of your computer problems and decisions, please give me a call.

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Save a Bundle

Save a bundle with “Off Lease” systems

When I first started Ball PC back in the late 80’s there were only a handful of system manufactures and deals where few and far between.

In the 90’s system parts became plentiful and inexpensive. This enabled me to hand craft custom systems for my clients saving them lots of money.  In 1999 as preparation for Y2K, one of my clients, a major manufacturing plant, was running nothing but my custom built systems.  That included all of the servers and desktop workstations.

These days, perhaps the best buy on systems comes from purchasing systems that are coming off lease.  Many large corporations are on a 2 year upgrade path.  For the rest of us, that means lightly used inexpensive systems are constantly being placed on the market.

As an added bonus, many of these systems come with a one year warranty too!

Buying a computer system off lease is much like buying a car that has come off lease.  Someone else has incurred all the expenses of a new system, and you can reap the benefits of a lightly used system often for pennies on the dollar when compared to new pricing.

I’ve had very good success with off lease systems, and have systems running at my office, as well as at most of my client sites.